Animals!!! is back – for one night – on Sun. Feb. 9 at 7 PM

Special ONE NIGHT Encore Performance on Sun. Feb. 9 at 7 PM

with 6 plays:

Men are Pigs by Randy Gross
Burbank Bunny Ranch by Felix Racelis
Blindman’s Bluff by Steven Korbar
You’re Not Walking by Chris Widney
Avery by Roy Battocchio
The Gospel According to Bowser by Dan Borengasser

$15 per person

No group sales available

Opening day – ANIMALS!!!!

All proceeds will go to Ganbaru Fukushima!

Article about Naoto Matsumura, who stayed behind with animals in Fukushima No-Go Zone:

It’s a WRAP!

Actober Fest

THANK YOU ALL for coming to see the show!  We will be back – to raise more funds for more organizations!

Opening Night –

Dear Cast –

Congrats to you all –

Our first dress / preview / opening night went fantastic.  I am proud of you all.


P.S.  Thank you for letting Squi make his “stage bomb.”


Production Timeline: How to produce a show in a month

(On June 6 – a night before the opening)

This production is created via social media.   After I had a brief meeting with Judith, an old friend/student/colleague of mine, I decided to put together a small fundraiser. We had one month!

This is my posting on May 5.

kaz matamura

Within a day – I received messages from actors and writers: “Let’s do it.”  I had a couple of meetings (and text exchanges) with Michele, Josh, Warren and Pea – and picked several plays from the past ACTober Festivals.   Originally, it was supposed to be “the sexiest production in Los Angeles” – because we all know sex sells!   However, I changed my mind (again), and decided to call it “Let’s get it on… for ten minutes.”  (with apologies to that sexy song from 40 years ago).



Now, we know we wanted to make it FUN.  So logo design came pretty easily – and it was specifically created for the FaceBook event header.  This was not for print – so I didn’t have to worry about color or size too much.

Kaz Matamura

I HATE AUDITIONING ACTORS!!!!   That’s pretty degrading to actors.  Actors who shine with interviewers are actors who are trained to AUDITION WELL – not necessarily actors who are well TRAINED, nor actors who can take direction well.    So, I didn’t hold ANY auditions …. I just cast actors who were available and willing to help the cause.  Many small theaters have gone under in the last 5 years in Los Angeles, so we all shared one goal: save the JET studio.

On May 20, we had six plays lined up.

On May 24, one of main actors Jerri Manthey booked a movie so I wracked my brain looking for someone to fill her shoes.  That evening, I replaced both of her parts with old friends, CJ and Shai…. by text messaging.

On May 27, cast decided 6 plays would be too short.  So, I started thinking… “Shall I add one more play?”

kaz matamura

So, I added a Drama/Japanese play to the line-up on June 1.  The parts were played by existing cast members.

PERFECTLY BALANCED PRODUCTION OF: Comedy, love, and a bit with a dog. 

On June 3rd, my CAT WOMAN got a back injury!!!!

June 4th – Tech rehearsal – I asked Josh to jump in and be sexy as a CAT.  So, he did.  CASTING COMPLETE! 

In two weeks – we squeezed in 3 rehearsal minimum per play x seven plays – at the JET and my husband’s studio while my 8 month was held by his dad, aunties, uncles and fellow cast members.

After one year off, I am so happy to be working again with our members, friends and family.

Tomorrow, we will kick ass  –


Press Release



May 30, 2013

“Let’s Get It On … For Ten Minutes!”

Funny, Sexy Short Plays to Benefit the JET Theater in North Hollywood

June 7, 8 and 10


North Hollywood, CA – Local performing artists are sharing their talents to benefit the JET Theater with a three-night performance of “Let’s Get It On,” a series of six 10-minute comedic plays that explore the intricacies of sex, gender roles and relationships. Performances take place Friday, June 7th, Saturday, June 8th and Monday, June 10th at 8pm at the JET Theater, located at 5126 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood.  Proceeds from the performances will be donated to the JET Theater to help it continue to offer performing arts opportunities to the San Fernando Valley community.

The short plays are directed by Kaz Matamura, and include: “ The Gospel According to Bowser” by Dan Borengasser, “The Last Egg” by Ron Burch, “Woman: Revised” by Trish Cole, “Lost and Found” by Richard Martin Hirsh, “* LA 8 AM” by Mark Harvey Levine, and  “Mrs. Jansen Isn’t Here Now” by Steven Korbar  and “Falling Love” by Felix Racelies.

Performers include: Jeremy Guskin, Warren Hall, Dwight Hicks, Cathleen Johnson, Mai Kobayashi, Jennifer Mancini, Yoshi Murakami, Doan Nguyen, Joyce Sindel, Judith T., Michele Tannen, Josh Polizzi, Shai, Kanae Watabe and Patrick Williams.

Tickets for the benefit performance are $15.  For reservations, please email, or text (818) 441-4456.  Please include your name, the number of tickets you are requesting and the date of the performance you would like to attend.