Boy, 14, vanishes in river after horrifying motorcycle accident

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The search continues for a 14 year old boy who fell into the river after a severe motorcycle accident, as his distraught mother made an urgent heart-wrenching plea. The unfortunate event occurred in the middle of a bridge in Prachinburi province when the young boy’s motorcycle collided with a pickup truck. The high velocity of the impact flung him into the waters below, and his fate remains unknown.

Early this morning, police officers from Kabin Buri Station in Prachinburi province were informed of the tragic motorcycle accident on the bridge over Kwai Pra Prong, in Bo Thong, Kabin Buri district. The report detailed the horrifying collision between a motorcycle and a pickup truck. Despite authorities’ best efforts to rescue the motorcyclist thrown off the bridge, the intensity of the current and the darkness of night complicated the mission, reported KhaoSod.

At the scene of the accident, a blue Yamaha motorcycle laid on the road, wrecked and twisted from the impact with an Isuzu pickup truck with a Prachinburi license plate. Missing from the wreckage though, was a 14 year old boy, whose fate is still unknown.

His motorcycle veered off course, plunging him into the depths of the powerful river current after the accident. As of now, a body has not been recovered. Despite extensive search and rescue operations extending over several hours, attempts to locate the missing boy were futile, hampered by the challenging conditions overnight.

Once the news reached the boy’s mother, she rushed to the bridge and the site of the motorcycle accident. To add to the tragedy, she had spent the earlier part of her day attending a funeral at a temple. A shocking phone call from her elder son informed her of the horrific accident and details of her youngest son’s disappearance.

He had apparently just been on a quick run to a convenience store before the accident when his motorcycle collided with the truck. Now his mother is praying for the safety of her youngest child, as rescue teams continue their ongoing search.

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