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Why get Drone Insurance with the Thaiger?

We make drone insurance simple and to the point so that you can choose the best insurance for yourself in several easy steps. With only a few clicks, you can give your expensive gear the best protection from unwanted accidents and damage.


What is drone insurance?

Whether you use your drone for recreational or commercial purposes, drone insurance provides you with financial protection should your drone cause injury to other people or damage their property. Accidents can happen even if you think you have great control over your drone. It could malfunction and fall, veer off course, or you can lose control unexpectedly. When these accidents happen and your drone lands on a person or property, you could be responsible for any injuries or damage. This is where drone insurance comes in handy. With drone insurance, both the damage of your drone due to the fall and the claim from the person injured (or whose property got damaged) will be covered.

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Why do I need drone insurance?

According to the official announcement of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), everyone who posses a drone has to register their drone at the NBTC within 30 days referring to the receipt date. In case of delay, the register must pay a 2,000 Baht fine.
You can register for the NBTC license here (about 214 THB / per drone, including VAT).
Many people may think that purchasing drone insurance is a waste of money. It may not sound as important as ensuring your health, and a drone might not be as expensive as your property to need substantial insurance. However, accidents can happen, even to your drone and it can be costly. You will have to deal with the financial burden without insurance. Therefore, it is worth investing in a drone insurance policy no matter why you have a drone or what kind you own.

Protect Yourself

Should you lose control of your drone and it falls to a person or their property, drone insurance will cover you both for the drone and the person.

Peace of mind

Having drone insurance can give you peace of mind each time you prepare your drone to fly. Forget about any financial consequences should anything happen to your drone.

Legal requirements

In some countries, such as Thailand, it is a legal requirement to have drone insurance. This mostly applies to commercial drones.

Public Liability

Get coverage for Third-party bodily injury or property damage coverage in the event of a drone-related accident.

Personal Accident

Accidents leading to injuries will be covered either through a lump sum or benefits like medical expenses.

What you need to know about drone insurance

Before you purchase drone insurance, or even the drone itself, doing a little research can help you find the best way to protect it. We have compiled several things you need to know about drone insurance to get you started.

Getting your drone insured doesn’t have to be expensive

Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are popular among many types of users. While professionals may use high-end drones, many hobbyists use cheap drones for fun. This has made a lot of people who only use drones for recreational purposes think that drone insurance is just an unnecessary expense. However, accidents can happen, no matter how cheap your drone is. And these accidents can be costly. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get your drone insured and help you if the unwanted occur. There are numerous plans available to fit both your needs and your budget.

Insurance is not an obligation for personal use, but you may still need it

If you use your drone just for a hobby and to have fun, it is most likely not an obligation for you to insure your drone. Still, if an accident happens and your drone injures someone or damages someone’s property, you may want to protect yourself with insurance. For example, if you lose control of your drone, and it falls into someone’s car, causing significant damage, drone insurance can help you deal with the situation. With drone insurance, you don’t have to worry about the financial burden that may result from these accidents.

Not all homeowner policy will cover your drone

Before you invest in drone insurance, it is worth checking if your drone is covered under the personal liability protection in your homeowner policy. Some homeowner’s insurance policy may cover damage to your drone. However, most of them only offer limited coverage, such as damage to your drone that takes place on your property, and they may not cover commercial use. Some companies may not be willing to cover your drone as it is considered an aircraft. In the case your home insurer does not agree to insure the liability for your drone or only offer limited coverage, you can opt for the fairly low-cost drone insurance plan.

Drone Insurance Can Help In Many Unwanted Situations

There are many instances of how insurance could come in handy. For example, if your drone hits an electric line, causing an entire neighborhood in a blackout, the cost of repair can be expensive, and you could be held responsible for all of the cost. Another example is that you may lose control of your drone and hit someone, causing them to be injured. This unfortunate situation will require you to pay for the medical bills and possible claims. In addition, the fall might destroy your drone.

What drone insurance can cover

Drone insurance can provide coverage for many things, depending on the specific plan you choose. Some drone insurance may cover you for an invasion of privacy claims, liability related to personal injury, property damage, or even medical expenses that stem from drone use.

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Customer Reviews


The process is simple and intuitive. It took just 20 minutes to purchase “third-party liability insurance” for my drone!

Lennard J.


Great drone insurance – satisfying service that comes with a great price. I’m sure I will also be using other services from the thaiger in the future.

Dennis Kanov


I have always been looking for this services in Thailand but always thought that it was a policy for only Thai people, The Thaiger seems to give the cover I was looking for, however, I would like to ask more questions regarding to this product.

Brian Carter


Detail of the coverage is very well explained and cover my needs. Have already enquired a few days ago, hope I will get a reply soon.

Anita Par


We spend a lot of money getting our drone so if anything were to happen to the drone, it would be a complete waste. I have already inquired for this service thank you.

Lara Davis


Getting insurance for my drone is a must. I’ve been looking for drone insurance for a while now, but I’ve always failed to purchase one. I hope this time the thaiger follows through with my request.

Linda Dindang

Types of Drone Insurance

There are two main types of drone insurance available, which you can choose depending on the level of protection you need. You can combine these drone insurance types to ensure that you are fully protected.

Pay-as-you-fly drone insurance or PAFL, sometimes known as hourly drone insurance on-demand, allows you to pay for drone insurance only when you fly your drone. It covers you from 1 hour to a full day, though in some cases it may cover you for a week at a time.

Key Points:

  • Provide covers either per flight (one hour to a full day) or up to a week at a time.
  • Instant coverage.
  • Best for amateur and hobbyist drone pilots who just want to have a fun time flying or are planning a holiday and want to take some aerial photographs.
  • Generally works out cheaper than an annual policy, particularly if you don’t fly your drone regularly.

With monthly drone insurance, you have full control of direct and easy monthly payments. You can also enjoy month by month changes for hull and liability coverage. If you want to add rented drones and equipment during your drone operations, you may also be covered by the insurance.

Key Points:

  • Easy monthly payments.
  • Best for frequent drone flyers.
  • Allows you to fly with any controller or app.
  • Allows you to modify the coverage month by month.

Annual drone insurance is mostly more comprehensive than other types of drone insurance. It is suitable for more frequent users, and it may cover more than one drone. Since it covers you for an entire year, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have the correct insurance already in place should an impromptu work opportunity occurs.

Key Points:

  • Works best for frequent flyers, particularly those who use their drone for business.
  • The full policy has you covereded whether you are transporting your drone, safely storing it, or flying it.
  • Can work out cheaper if you fly more than seven days per year.
  • Many insurers reduce the hull rate for annual plans.

Drone insurance is an expensive way to protect yourself against the unexpected.

I thought I would never use my drone insurance as I always have complete control over my drone, but then I crashed my drone and wrecked it. The insurance covers all the expenses needed for me to repair my drone!

Top tip: Identify what you need and choose the right plan that fits your budget.

Why the Thaiger?

The Thaiger and our partners have extensive knowledge of drone insurance, making it easier for you to decide what premiums you want.

We understand how complex drone insurance can be, therefore, we are ready to help you navigate through the process and procedures.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Drone Insurance with The Thaiger.

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Drone Insurance Coverage to Consider

A wide range of drone insurance coverage is available. You are free to choose the coverages you want and combine them to get full protection.

Drone Liability Insurance

Aviation liability insurance is similar to most types of liability insurance. It protects you in the same way standard car insurance would, meaning that your policy will protect you against third-party claims or injury or property damage. For example, if your drone accidentally fell and crashed into someone’s car, the policy will cover the financial aspects should the person make a claim or sue you for the damage.

Hull Coverage Drone Insurance

Hull coverage covers your actual drone. Should your drone need repair due to an unexpected accident or replacement in the case of a total loss, hull coverage drone insurance will cover the expenses. It may also cover any related costs.

Personal & Advertising Cover

Personal and advertising cover protects you against the damage and losses resulting from defamation, libel, slander, or violation of privacy rights. It is generally useful if you fly over private property and take photographs or videos. Should the property owner sue you for violation of privacy, this cover will protect you from the person’s claim.

Medical Payments Coverage

Should your drone injure someone, you could be responsible for the medical costs, which can be thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. With a medical payments insurance policy, the hospital’s expenses are covered.

Cyber Liability Cover

Hackers can take over your drone or camera attached to it. If you are using your drone for business operations, you would be held liable regardless of whether or not it is your fault. Cyber liability coverage can cover you for this.

International Cover

Want to take your drone overseas? You can consider international cover. With international cover, you can take and operate anywhere in the world (subject to certain excluded territories). Storing and transporting your equipment may be covered as well.

Personal Accident Insurance

As much as we don’t want it, an accident can occur at any time, without any warning. It can happen to your drone, and it can happen to you. If an accident to your drone can cause significant damage and financial burden, imagine what it can do to you. Getting into an accident can cause serious harm to your body and significantly impact your finances. Not only can the treatment be expensive, but it may also affect your earnings in the future if it causes you to suffer from any form of disability. Purchasing personal accident insurance is essential to protect you and your family from such situations.

Having personal accident insurance will give you and your family the needed financial assistance should an accident that leads to bodily injuries, temporary or permanent disability, and even death occurs to you. Personal accident insurance will protect not only you but also your loved ones and those dependent on you.

Frequently Asked Question About Drone Insurance

Yes, there are extensive drone insurance covers for both. You can add them to your chosen policy.

This depends on your location. In Thailand, all drones must be registered and insured if they have a camera and weigh more than 2 kilograms or more.

Yes, your insured drones and equipment, such as batteries and cameras, are covered against theft.

For annual policies, you can cover multiple drones up to your material damage cover’s maximum value.

The National Commission on Broadcasting and Telecommunications (NBTC) has announced the need for registration of all drones in Thailand. If not, the owner of a drone may face a prison sentence of five years or a fine of up to 100,000 Baht. Tourists can carry drones to Thailand with them.

This depends on the specific policy you choose. If you get the annual policy, then your new drone will be covered.

Here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in Thailand, based on our research and understanding of the regulations.

All drones are required to be licensed and insured if:

-Have (regardless of weight) a camera, OR

-Weigh 2 kilograms or more (4.4 pounds).

-Drones weighing more than 55 pounds (25 kilograms) must be licensed with the Transport Minister.

Except under the supervision of the legal representative (drone weight below 2 kg) or 20 years of age for drone weight between 2 kg and 25 kg, drone pilots must be older than 18 years of age.

-The drone pilot must maintain a visual line of sight at all times for their drone.

-It is not necessary to fly drones near manned aircraft.

-Drones must be flown only when the drone needs to be clearly seen between sunrise and sunset.

– Drones shall not be flown near to any human, car, building or building within a distance of fewer than 30 meters (100 feet) horizontally for drones weighing not more than 2 kg and less than 50 meters (150 feet) for drones weighing not more than 2 kg but weighing not more than 25 kg.

-Drones must not be flown without permission in restricted areas.

-With the exception of special permission, drones cannot be flown within 9 kilometers (5 miles) of an airport or temporary airfield.

-Drones larger than 90 meters must not be flown (295 feet).

Flying a drone is legal in Thailand, according to Thailand’s national aviation authority, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), but we recommend that you be aware of and compliant with the drone regulations listed below before doing so.

Commercial drone insurance is equivalent to most other forms of liability coverage that protects you from personal injury or property harm claims. If your drone is lost or damaged in an accident, all losses and expenses incurred up to your declared cap will be covered by the insurance provider.

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